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Update on how best to use your membership

Here is a quick update on how best to use your membership and digital card.

  1. Visit and choose the plan that's best for you. The VIP plan is new, and we will have significant new resources and opportunities for you to help your local business community and save or earn rewards. We also now have a free membership that allows you to gain access to all of the basic club features. Thank you for shopping local and choosing a membership!!

  2. Once you have chosen the plan that's right for you, you should visit If you have followed step one, then you should see this page below.

picture of membership card page
Membership card Page

3. You have two options from here: A. As I have done, take a screenshot of the card and keep it on your phone. B. Download the card to your phone's gallery.

Either way, when you show this picture, our local business partners will recognize you as a member, and you will get your rewards and benefits

4. Visit and see what local businesses you want to do business with first!

5. Let your friends know how easy and beneficial it is to become a member!

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