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South Cow: Shifting Gears (updated)

The South Cow story is a great one. The original article was written by Sara Moore shortly after they opened for business in 2020. We have included a few paragraphs from that article to give you an idea about the journey. Patrick, the owner of South Cow and a founding partner of BiG Discount Club, has written an update about South Cow and the hopes and dreams of both Brands. Enjoy the articles.

-Wayne Hills

Patrick Mckinney first met his wife, Laurie, while attending middle school and remembered fondly having a crush on her throughout their childhood. Years later, after their graduation, Laurie found Patrick on the social media app Facebook and quickly made her move. As it turns out, Laurie had also reciprocated the same feelings for Patrick throughout the years, and the two quickly began dating. Within two years of their relationship, they were married. The couple has six children and three grandchildren, all of their pride and joy in life.

Patrick has always had big dreams for his life, as well as his career. He strived to continually push himself and others around him to achieve their goals even when it seemed out of their grasp. Patrick has worked in multiple management positions and eventually landed a General Manager position at Advanced Auto Parts in Bowling Green. He settled into his new position reasonably fast. However, he still yearned for more in his life. "After several years of this, I realized I would not be satisfied until I finally stepped out on my own and used my creativity to build something new and unique," Patrick said. This past year, Patrick became the owner and operator of his own business, "South Cow," a traveling food restaurant in the heart of Bowling Green.

The idea of South Cow was first sparked while Patrick was attending college in 2007 when a professor tasked him with a project of creating a hypothetical business. On a small piece of paper, Patrick drew a logo for his business and decided to keep it in his wallet just in case this business ever came to fruition. Over a decade later, Patrick still has that original piece of paper in his wallet and carries it where he goes. He has referred to it as "the small paper with a huge dream." This is the same logo he used for his new South Cow business.

Initially, South Cow began in Patrick's father-in-law's barn, where he planned to sell beer brats at night in downtown Bowling Green after he was done with his daytime job. Patrick had acquired a black stone grill and a tent and finally found a place to practice his craft. That was until the 2020 pandemic hit and changed many of Patrick's business plans. However, he remained optimistic, and instead of admitting defeat or delaying any of his plans, he decided to acquire another tent and invested in a mobile food truck featuring his signature tie-dye painting on the side of it. He also decided to quit his job as General Manager and take on his business full-time instead. 2020 brought many uncertain times for many people, but Patrick and his family stayed focused and diligently persevered through it all. The Mckinney family has plans to take their food truck across the country. Patrick says, "I have big dreams and goals for the brand and cannot wait to take my family on the entrepreneur journey as we build and create something magical."

South Cow offers various food items and is continually working towards adding more in the future. Walking up to their famous tie-dye food truck, you can choose items ranging from their famous Philly cheesesteak sandwich, quality smoked meats, and a side of their grilled 'new' potatoes. Don't forget to try the delicious "slang" sauce they also created! South Cow recently started delivering their food too. All you would have to do is give them a call, order your food, and they will bring it to you piping hot for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

-Sara Moore

We are South Cow. We provide a positive and entertaining eating experience with options for party catering with food and also live Band or Karaoke options. We support our local community by focusing on honoring and supporting all of our first responders and local heroes. We also help our local small businesses. We support and promote opportunities for new and existing small businesses at every chance.

We have been in business since 2020. I had a dream for a Brand that would encompass all I believe in. food was where we started due to my passion for cooking and entertaining people's taste buds. Then we moved into the entertainment aspect of the dream for South cow. With help from good friends, we created the Band Ego Death. The Band has allowed us to accumulate the equipment necessary to provide Live music, Dj, or Karaoke opportunities for catering and party events.

Our philosophy is simple Quality products, Extraordinary customer service, and All Inclusiveness for All humans!

My biggest inspiration for this is my family. To have my children and family admire the hard work and sacrifice we have endured. To see that dreams can come true from spoken to paper to action to success.

We became Founding Partners with the Big Discount Club to provide a platform for South Cow to share, collaborate and help local businesses succeed. It leads to big help for the efforts in Bowling Green, and the club leads and participates in fundraising events at the heart of our motto. Create action with Empathy, not Sympathy!

Be a Part of Something BiG and support BiG Discount Club, and don't forget to put some South in your Mouth!

-Patrick Mckinney

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