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About Jojo's Body Care

Hi, my name is Johanna (short: Jojo). when I moved to the US from my home country Germany two years ago, I wanted to buy the same low-waste, safe body care products I was used to from home. after investigating dozens of brands, I was troubled to realize that sustainable and high-quality body care products were 1) hard to find and 2) often times overpriced. that motivated me to start my own line of skincare essentials that focuses on sustainability and a level of quality you can’t get from a mainstream brand. and I want all of that at reasonable prices for you. it’s been a journey with lots to learn, but I am thankful and proud to say that I have a growing, loyal customer base whose excitement apparently is contagious enough to get their friends and family hooked on Jojo’s Body Care as well. i am sure you will feel the difference as well, and your skin plus our environment will thank you!

check-in occasionally to see if there is something new, I am constantly experimenting with new formulations!

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